WestJet partners with SAF Talk

Flying to a sustainable aviation fuels event can seem a little off-putting. That’s why we are pleased to announce that our partner WestJet is covering carbon credits for the flights of the first 100 SAF Talk participants, thus reducing their impact on climate change. WestJet are making themselves heard, and we’re glad to have them on-board at SAF Talk.

SAF Talk will bring together all actors of the aviation fuel supply chain with a commitment to mitigating carbon emissions. With the aviation industry predicted to grow 300% by 2050, making it set to become the single biggest cause of carbon emissions in the world, SAF talk is at the heart of effectively reducing those statistics in the near future. For the time being, minimizing our environmental impact by encouraging carbon offsetting as much as we can will be done with the help of companies like WestJet.

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